Pros: – At level 60 your resist rates will be floored

If you do, you can 1-shot them with Flare

  • With RDM sub, another method keeps your dark magic leveled: Gravity pull, Drain, Sleep, and an AM – found this works very well for me.
  • As soon as you got Blizzard III you can skill dark and save some mp by Gravity > Aero III > Blizzard III > Drain. If tier spell III lands you will hit about 500-600 dmg. If you see dmg near 100 hard to drain last hp. Suggested food Cream Puff. An example of chain with Empress Band active for a blm 64 is: 340 > 432 > 450 > 585 > 504.
  • At 57-58 another method if you can time it right is to AM pull with Burst or Freeze and then finish off with Water III (/nin is recommended) i was able to get chain 3-4 with this method with rare resists, if resist finish off with lower lvl spell. Never used sleep unless i was double resisted.
  • Just finished leveling here from 59-66 and have to say I really wish I didn’t have to leave it. I leveled here with /nin using Water III > Sleep II > Freeze until I got Stonega III. At that point I started using Fire III > Sleep II > Stonega III. Towards the end of my stay here I was using Blizzard III > Waterga III and not sleeping them inbetween. My Sleep II was never resisted in 7 levels and I do not have a Pluto’s Staff, only the NQ. I also never had a problem sleeping the Animalier with Elemental Seal + Sleepga
  • At BLM59 with /nin and int 56+24 (elvaan), with Shaman’s Cloak and Moldavite Earring i found it easy to pull with Water III > Stun > Sleep II then finish with an AM, i mostly used Burst. Sleeps rarely got resisted with Wizard’s Coat macrod in.
  • Came to this camp as Elvaan BLMRDM with 57+30 INT (Cream Puff bonus included), 2 Elemental magic and 2 Enfeebling magic merits. Using Pluto’s Staff I was never resisted on Sleep 2, and used the Gravity pull/kite method. Fights went like so: Gravity > Aero 3 > Sleep 2 > Freeze for easy chain 4’s if the Goblin would cooperate. Other notable gear being Shaman’s Cloak, Moldy Earring, Aquilo’s Staff, AF Hands and Body, and Jupiter’s Staff (for using Burst if Aero 3 is resisted or Firesday).
  • As Elvaan BLM62/NIN31 with 56+36 INT (including Cream Puff), I was able to maintain chain 4 using Fire III >> Thundaga II without a need for sleeping the Rarab inbetween. This left more than enough MP for those ohshi

I got resists on my spells maybe 10% of the time maximum. – Rabbits are usually very easy to sleep. Almost any combination of spells will work well. – EXP is insane. Cons: – pop over to these guys Exp tends to slow down toward level 65+ – It is no longer possible to 1-shot pets, unless you have pretty good gear.

If you do, you can 1-shot them with Flare

  • Pets can be 1-shot with Flood , but requires Neptune’s Staff, Republic Circlet (so your home nation must control region), Moldavite Earring,

– There is no zone anywhere nearby. You may have to resort to Sleep(ga) + log off to save your butt sometimes.

If you do, you can 1-shot them with Flare

  • Be aware that the Hobgoblin Animalier is very resistant to Sleep so you might have to target him separately with Sleep II to be able to succeed in logging off.

Camp Location(s):

– Unfavorable goblin movement p #1 often make it difficult to see the Hobgoblin Animalier and can occasionally slow down pulling. – The camp(s) are often occupied. I found only one camp.There seem to be 3 camps that work. CAMP #1: At F-7 in Bibiki Bay you will find a Catoblepas, a Hobgoblin Venerer, and a Hobgoblin Animalier near some cacti. Past them is a narrow passageway leading southward toward some more cacti, deeper into Bibiki Bay. Camp in the narrow passageway. Edit: On There was an emergency update that got rid of the Hobgoblin Venerer that spawned in the area, now it is very safe to solo here with little need for invisible. This Hobgoblin Venerer seems to be in place still as of . The Second goblin can pop as either Venerer(in the camp) or p). If you kill the Venerer, eventually the Martialist will pop and will stay clear of the South camp.